Zombie of the Month - December 2017

Zombie of the Month

Congratulations to Sherelle Jacobs who not only looks suitably shocked in her publicity picture but she’s also a brutally honest White Collar Zombie.

So while working for the Torygraph might seem like one of the least rebellious things you can do in your late 20s/early 30s, Ms. Jacobs is certainly having her avocado toast and eating it. However, her wanderlust is more enterprising than most. Being a smart girl, and certainly an expensively educated one (unless there’s another St Pauls Girl’s School where you can study Latin and Russian), she’s also worked in Germany, Tunisia and covered Afghanistan from Pakistan. Perhaps even more dangerous than that array of places, she worked for a Labour MP. A case of know your enemy perhaps?

Regardless of this privileged background our Zombie makes a very important point. Why pay for a holiday when you can sponge ? We’d rather travel for work and enjoy ourselves, than shell out of our meagre wages for a hotel where Hans is going to battle us to bag the best sun loungers anyway. Similarly why work in an open plan hellhole when you can work all over the world, write columns that make intelligent points (crappy state of our transport/housing/political system) that appeal across the political spectrum.

And for this Sherelle Jacobs, we salute you (despite this reading like a character assassination).



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