What Makes People Leave Their Dream Jobs?

Boss shouting at her minion

People do not tend to take jobs that they do not want to do unless they are desperate.

For the sake of argument we will assume our readers are not despondent (just yet), but appreciate statistically many of you are. It’s probably the company you keep. By that we mean it’s either the firm you work for or the people you work for/with that you leave.

However the company will always act like it’s your fault, probably because they don’t want to be sued. But how did we end up here?

Let’s rewind to well before you joined the company. They talked of nothing but advancement, international travel and a package that was going to make your bank manager think you’re a pro-athlete or dot.commer. Unfortunately a month in your chair is still broken, the coffee is bad and the only advancement is in your quest to perfect the art of sleeping with your eyes open.

This is bearable if the people you’re with are great. And I mean really great. However sometimes you’re stuck in a situation where people around you are getting promoted regularly and your boss quibbles over a new note book. That’s quite clearly a problem with your boss and not necessarily the firm because most firms want to you, well you know, work.

The next issue is being out of the loop. Primarily because people love to gossip and share news, but if they are choosing not to tell you then that is an active decision. So when you hear more from company developments from grads and the internet than your boss you definitely know it’s time to start looking for an exit route.

And what of this progression they harped on about? Your boss is not going anywhere, either because he is loved within the company or because he’s been there too long to eliminate.

However if you’re doing nothing but making him look good then surely you’re safe? Most useless bosses are beyond insecure and will instantly see you as a threat rather than a potential partner and probably do everything in their power to make your life difficult. Unfortunately some bosses even delight in this, mainly because their sad little lives are quite mundane.

There is little worse than a bad boss, except maybe smoking. Actually a bad boss is worse than cigarettes

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