New Year, New Me, Different Lies

New Year New Me Different Lies

At this time of year everyone is resolving to make themselves better. ME 2.0. Great. It’s a noble cause but ultimately one that tends to lead to disappointment for all involved. That doesn’t mean it has to be fruitless or unprofitable.

When listening to my friends saying they are cutting back on alcohol, learning an obscure language such as Michif or beginning a thrice daily gym routine I always try to help them. I bet with them in order to motivate them and help drive their commitment. For instance most gyms track how often you go since they got rid of receptionists and now you check in with facial recognition and a pin which you must not share. Similarly weight loss is easy to track. Now I have been hustled when it comes to learning a language similar to those suckers at university who assessed a friend of mine who was fluent in German as intermediate so he could lessen his work load and romp a final year exam. But those cases are few and far between.

Fortunately I’ve got lots of friends. I offer them all attractive odds and given only eight percentage of resolutions are kept I tend to clean up. And this is every year. Someone (well actually a lot of people) wrote a sneaky blog post on cutting back their focus and making things manageable but I don’t want people to do that as this lovely little gambling ruse motivational workshop I offer can actually be helpful when it comes to paying for my summer holiday.

But that simply isn’t human nature. People talk about getting one percent better each day, let’s be realistic, I’d aim for 1% each month. Like markets people have ups and downs and if you’re measuring yourself each day surely there’s a lot of noise contained within that? Everyone can have a down day even Crispin Odey.

For us here at WCZ it’s important to remember it’s about where you’re going and how you get there. Ignoring either is just not cricket.

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