Health and Wealth: Why Does it Need to be Either/Or?

Gross National Happiness

The author of the World Happiness Report, Dr Layard of the LSE, has concluded that focusing on healthy relationships and mental wellbeing is more beneficial at increasing happiness than reducing poverty.

So my New Year’s recommendation is stay poor but get more friends and less stress. Now this is an interesting take on things. It perhaps stands to reason that Jeremy Corbyn will be aiming to redistribute happiness and friendships now.

This message sits nicely with the Bhutanese idea of focusing on Gross National Happiness as a goal rather than Gross Domestic Product which economists know and love. If you recall how happy you (hopefully) were as a child and consider the actual monetary costs involved (unless you had expensive tastes) it is unlikely you were less happy than you are now.

However this is not going to help drive a consumer society and certainly isn’t going to support a stock market. So get back to work to buy shit you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.

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