Interview: James McDosh, CEO Corpface Solutions

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James McDosh, CEO Corpface

Today we're delighted to be speaking with James McDosh, CEO of evangelism consultancy Corpface Solutions. James is going to share some valuable insights into consulting and recruitment and he also intends to plug his new book "The Age of Whom".

SNAKE: Thank you for joining us at White Collar Zombie today James. Could you tell us a little about the new projects you're working on at the moment?

JAMES MCDOSH: It's great to be here Snake. At Corpface Solutions we make dreams come true, before they've even been dreamt yet. We bring inspiration and expiration to our clients in equal measure.

SNAKE: That's awesome James. Could you be more specific? 

JAMES MCDOSH: Well yes. Let's say you're a large multinational company, you're already working with a range of consultancy providers - management consultants, tech consultants, legal advisors, you get the idea. You realize you're spending a shitload of money on consultants but are you getting real value? That's where we come in.

SNAKE: So at Corpface Solutions you work to reduce the number of consultants large companies use? Or at least to make them more cost-effective?

JAMES MCDOSH: Woah, not exactly, Snake. Our unique role in this space is to identify large corporations like the one I mentioned, who already employ the services of consultants and fail to accurately assess the value they provide. This is a huge opportunity. We then advise our trusted consulting partners on ways in which they too could be generating value.

SNAKE: Right. So when you say "generating value", you mean selling additional services to the large company in question?

JAMES MCDOSH: You got it.

SNAKE: But are these services needed?

JAMES MCDOSH: Our skill is to generate innovative needs. Especially in large corporations with poor auditing capabilities. Like I said, dreams before they've been dreamt. I go into this in more detail in chapter three of my book, the Age of--

SNAKE: I think I get the idea James. Let's move on to the people at the heart of the Corpface Solutions organization. What does it take to be an evangelism consultant?

JAMES MCDOSH: Our people are our greatest asset. Period. Which is a unique perspective if you think about it. To work as part of the Corpface family, you need to ride that fine line between value and empathy, between innovation and excellence, between teamwork and, erm, success. Dreams don't sell themselves.

SNAKE: I think I understand. And I hear you're hiring at the moment. Who should apply?

JAMES MCDOSH: We're always on the lookout for experienced, talented people and we go to great lengths to make them feel welcome at Corpface. After all, our people are our greatest asset. Which is great.

SNAKE: Many potential candidates will also be wondering, what training opportunities are there at Corpface Solutions?

JAMES MCDOSH: We invest shitloads, and I mean lots of resources into training. And recruiting. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money you spend on new machinery, fancy offices and private jets. When the shit hits the fan, if you haven't got the best people with the best skills on your team, you're going to fail. Big time.

SNAKE: Wise words there James. You buy machines? I wouldn't have expected that.

JAMES MCDOSH: No. We buy none of those things. I was just making the point that our people are our greatest asset.

SNAKE: This has been very insightful, James. One last question: What's the procedure for our readers who may wish to apply for a job at Corpface Solutions?

JAMES MCDOSH: Great question, Snake. As you know, we do everything we can to attract and nurture the very best talent. Email your resume to our human resources department and one of the interns will take a look.

SNAKE: That's great James. Did you want to mention anything more about your book?

JAMES MCDOSH: Yes. *Laughs* BUY MY BOOK! *Laughs hysterically*

SNAKE: Haha thank you for your time James. And best of luck with the book.

JAMES MCDOSH: *Laughs* *Laughs* *Laughs*

SNAKE: Thank you James.


That concludes our interview with James McDosh, CEO of Corpface Solutions. If you are a talented professional and you too would like to become part of the Corpface family, please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter by email to


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adminzombie Tue, 10/01/2017 - 16:55

Good interview, Snake. Bet you're glad that's over.

McDosh barged past me on his way out the door and he was still laughing...