Chess: a Corporate Analogy

Chess: a Corporate Analogy

One thing I love to do to clear my mind of corporate bullshit is play chess.

Why would moving little men around an 8 x 8 board prove to be relaxing? And why should I want to distract myself when the corporate treadmill is turning out to be all that it promised?

Well it is in fact the perfect corporate analogy. Original I know.

Pawns – Helpless, fairly useless and generally just trying to move forward. Sounds like the graduates on our floor.

Knights – Able to leap over obstacles, side-step bullshit, these are the corporate princes who can escape mindless tasks. Watch these guys – they’ll stab you in the back when you can’t even see them.

Bishops – Able to cut through the minefield that is office politics whilst avoiding the straight and narrow of every day politicking. While they might be willing to place their neck on their line for what is right occasionally, they aren’t untouchable and their faith is often tested.

Rooks (castles, for the uninitiated) – These guys take no prisoners. Simply crushing everything in their path. They might be able to bully their way into everything but they won’t make any friends.

Queen – She can do what she likes when she likes. We all know who this is in our office. If she’s not a queen, she’s definitely a little emperor.

King – The guy who sits in a corner office is only able to take one step at a time, certainly not able to make any difficult decisions and we wonder how much he loves his Queen. Similarly, in his world every other piece (employee) can be sacrificed to ensure his survival. In the end he’s got to go, it’s just a matter of how many go down before him.

But seriously, I find it distracting as unfortunately we can’t all be Derek Sivers.

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